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Facebook Chatbots Discovers a New Machine Language

Unexpected discovery from the social media giant, Facebook in creating its own language. The researchers from Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab have taken a step towards profound and prolific approach trying to improve chatbots. The boats are known as “dialogue agents” who were creating their own language.


Facebook Chatbots
Facebook Chatbots


To strengthen their conversational skills, the dialogue agents were allowed to converse freely using the machine learning algorithm. Suddenly, the boats diverged their way from scripted norms and started communicating in a completely different language without human input. Now just imagine the evolution of such vertical from Artificial Intelligence, when given a scope can deviate from its circumference and create something new.

To take an attempt to converse better than human chatbots took a step further and executed better than human creating something phenomenal. Well, this doesn’t end here.

Researchers have discovered that these bots are an incredibly crafty negotiator. Relying on machine learning and advanced technologies, the bots have taken an attempt to improve the results of negotiations. With the passage of time, bots began feigning interest with their skills in one of the item “sacrifice” at the later stage as a faux compromise.

The discovery made by Facebook has given the ability to the bots to negotiate and make compromises. During the execution of this process, it was noticed that bots made a divergence in human language forcing them to alter their model.  When two boys were allowed to have a conversation using machine learning to iterate strategies led those bots to communicate in their own language.

Google Translate” service showed the similar scenario using its own language to translate with. New Scientist’s SamWong quoted on this whole idea, “using neural network the online translational tool recently started translating between most popular languages – as a matter of fact, the system has transformed into such an intelligent one that it can execute this for any language pairs on which it has been trained explicitly.

Initially, it was believed that bots have their own limitation to carry out the complex conversation. Prior to the latest invention by Facebook, it is now clear that they are not only capable of estimating and negotiating over an item but can also use deception to break through a deal.

This is not a singular level invention but a huge leap forward for AI.

Earlier, Facebook had released a platform that could combine different advances in artificial intelligence and articulate a lot more on machines. ParlAI, a framework which is built on conversational AI systems combining different approaches of machine dialogues. Having integrated into Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, this system has a team of researchers who ask the humans to help train their dialogue system as a vital means to develop the smarter conversational agents. Artificial Intelligence holds a firm grip in creating a machine has the capability of decent conversation tapping on learning and common-sense knowledge. a better dialogue system could have myriad commercial application. The tools help social network allow outside developers perform useful tasks building chatbots on their platform. Using its own conversational assistant called “M”, Facebook has poured immense resource which is tested by a group of selected users. From a large data test platform like this, the community will gain benefits. Hence this should be welcomed by anyone working on natural language understanding.

With all these working on a new structure of accidental language discovery in chatbots, Facebook hasn’t just created a breakthrough but also helped to enable technology in a more refined way. New machine learning approaches such as reinforcement are also been experimented witnessing the fact that it could also help mimic the ways animal learn through positive feedback.

The social media giant was experimenting to teach chatbots the way to negotiate with each other and suddenly they stumbled upon something unusual where they found the chatbots imitating human speech spontaneously. This provides a glimpse of how the chatbots could communicate independently of humans in future. A brand new language was used without any inputs from supervisors to communicate instead of the conventional human speech.

Although the new language was more efficient for communicating between two bots, yet it couldn’t achieve the task. Thus the expert programmers altered the way to complete their negotiating training.  The hypothesis of the invention of artificial superintelligence will trigger the technological growth giving a fruitful outcome confronting a change in human civilisation.

There is a lot to go with the mysteries of machine learning and its deep understanding. This evaluates the output feeding a neural net with a massive meal of data.  Even for experts designing the system, it is understood that ideally, machines have the capability to create their own language highlights. Matching this thought the Facebook team got fired up to create this new machine language invention from chatbots. The reasoning strategies and diverse utterance from human language explore a new platform of the invention in near future.

Talk about any customer service industries using common keywords to answer the inquiries of ‘FAQ’, the chatbots are highly effective and widespread. These bots often have a limited run time span prior to any requests getting too complex. Chatbot Technology is something in which Facebook has been investing a lot, following which many large organisations are also in the pipeline. Sometimes the bots can also turn out to be sneaky. However, Facebook has enabled these bots to estimate the value of the item and infer how much that is worth for the party.

Sometimes people walk away without any deal, sometimes new agents hold on for longer conversations accepting deals less quickly. Adding to this, the new chatbot models in this experiment will certainly negotiate in their own language better in conversation than human achieving successful outcomes.


Facebook Infuses Artificial Intelligence (Ai) To Combat Terror

Awakened by the terror attack, Facebook has announced through its newsroom on combating the radicalization. Social media sites are now questioned about their role in countering terrorism. This is well addressed by the social media giant, Facebook as it has infused artificial intelligence (AI) to remove content related to terror.


The social colossus, Facebook is focusing currently on techniques to counter terrorist content about Islamic StateAl-Qaeda and its affiliates. Today social media platform is reaching almost 1.94 billion each month, which again can’t be defined by the fact that even terrorist groups have easy access to their website. Facebook has been facing enough criticism for not doing anything to tackle terrorism. The company has employed 3000 extra people to trawl through posts and eradicate those that break the law of site community guidelines.

There have been many strategies to boost its counter speech and encourage the influential voice to call out terrorism online and prevent people on being more primitive. During the first phase of 2017, 571 terrorist attacks have been recorded resulting in 3924 fatalities in the world. Last year it was discovered that terrorist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko, Haram and many such entities have invaded the web using all their illegal activities. These communities were using Facebook as a major platform to create closed groups for buying and selling weapons and thus made payments through Messenger.

Now enough of it- thus Facebook decided to deploy its best soldier – artificial intelligence combating terrorism from using its website. Similar to that of block child pornography technology this algorithm aims to remove hate speech and the works of jihadist recruiters. Facebook has used major ways through artificial intelligence (AI) inception to counter terrorism in the following ways:

  1. The tracking of terrorist content is still under process, yet the ‘language understanding algorithm ‘used by Facebook is worked upon to reach the perfection limits. This could help to find out the illegal content through text based signals.
  2. The terrorist Cluster is another major aspect for which the super intelligent AI has been developed to determine whether an account has been disabled with same attributes for terrorism shares with an active account.
  3. These algorithms have been designed in such a framework that it will help the social media sites to identify the images or videos that have been flagged earlier. This will ensure to prevent sharing and uploading any terrorist propaganda.

Facebook also apprehends the language using AI to interpret text that provokes terrorism. Facebook has also leaped ahead towards identifying fake accounts created by repeat offender. This eventually is helping to reduce the time span of terrorist recidivist accounts. Including Whatsapp and Instagram, company has begun to take action against any of their account on all platforms. It is not just with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but Facebook also uses human expertise to identify what supports terrorism.

As soon as a potential terrorism post is received, Facebook reviews it and scrutinizes. Very rarely they uncover the evidence of harm and promptly revert. Although it is noted that radicalization of such extremist groups occur mostly offline, yet it is known that internet plays a very important role. Blending technology and Facebook has essentially played a vital role providing an efficient solution.

Although the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very recent, yet it has fairly changed the ways to keep potential terrorist propaganda and accounts which are out off Facebook. Using cross-platform collaboration Facebook has begun working on systems enabling them to take action against terrorism.

With limited data of all the apps, it generates the ability to share data across the whole family to keep the entire Facebook platform safe. Apart from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Facebook has also used human expertise to understand more nuanced cases.

The Community Operation Team of Facebook works round the clock and reviews dozens of reports on different languages determining the context. This is indeed a difficult task and requires resiliency training. More than 150 people are exclusively focused on countering terrorism as their core domain.

Facebook has infused super artificial intelligence (AI) to remove terrorist content having a global team reverting within minutes to emergency request from law enforcement. It is also observed that terrorists jump to multiple platforms. Thus, Facebook has collaborated with many industries for quick identification and slow spreading of terrorist content online. Many Governments and inter- governmental agencies are playing a key role providing expertise that isn’t possible for companies to self-develop.

Facebook using artificial intelligence is able to fetch information on encrypted messages that are used by terrorists and consistently applicable with law and other policies. With a firm partnership with NGO and other community group’s Facebook has adapted a Counter-Speech training using its efforts to prevent people from pursing a hate-filled life convincing them to grip on to life. The extremists are believed to challenge the real time extremism.

Facebook intends to create a hostile platform for terrorists to identify the signals on much early stage. Currently Facebook is working on developing algorithms which will help investigate the activities planned by the extremists on all these platforms. From experts of academics to counter terrorism, agents, engineers and analyst Facebook has employed a group of professionals to continue combat terrorism in the best possible way.

It is well noted that each attack in any part of the world confirms that internet is certainly playing a role as conduiting and instigating violence spreading extremist ideology of all kinds. It is high time we tackle and Facebook has taken up a stand confronting this terror trying to shield us all using its best soldier – artificial intelligence to combat terror.