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Boost Your Brand Through Bold Marketing


The impact of the sports partnership with brand awareness is usually aimed at increasing its customer base.  Most importantly, at the end of the day, it’s not about just the numbers but the connectivity created. The numbers being unpredictable, sets right only through connections, making an unpredictable pathway for you. Sports sponsorship impacts brands with its high impact on social media, resulting in activities and discussions. The face of superstars is thus considered to be the best brand advocate a company can opt for.

Take a look at some of the star sponsorship that has gyrated the motion of brands on social media platforms so far.

Lionel Messi And Adidas
With a site after Messi, his fans were magnetized to use products that Messi uses from Adidas which rather took Adidas connecting all over the globe and boosting its sales.

Tag Heuer And Cristiano Ronaldo
Matching the footprints of Nike, the very next day Tag Heuer sponsored Ronaldo posting shots on social media platforms wearing their brand watch with a massive impact on 35 million views and 2.4 million likes in just a span of three days.

McGregor, the highest profile fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship have been soughted by many companies to endorse their products. Reebok banging the chance with him became the sole supplier of the kids for the fighters.This established a strong consumer base along with soar in royalties with a 20% increase in the sale of its product as per research.


Recently, stepping onto the court in the 2017 March Adsanity Championship “Pizza” and “The Peanut Butter Cup” held on firmly to a belief in making history becoming the first ever champion of social engagement.
11,041 solid engagement on major platforms proved to be more than enough to nail down the trophy.

With these examples, it’s clear that the real engagement marketing is best through sponsorships that impact your brand’s positivity at the end. These “ untrained marketers” actually surge your brand in the market when infusing with your trained marketer.